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350 Chev SB World Motown Aluminum Block

ᗯᗩᔕ $7895.00+GᔕT "ᑎOᗯ OᑎᒪY $5750+GᔕT"


Product Description

From any angle, this aluminum block is the class of the SBC field. The exclusive horizontal ribs that set the MOTOWN apart from all others serve several important functions, such as stabilizing and reinforcing the cylinder walls and enhancing cooling. They look cool too. There are also reinforcing ribs in the valley that connect the banks and add stability to the lifter bores. The ribs are drilled to cross-feed the lifter galleys. What’s more, the block is configured for priority main oiling to assure that the crankshaft is lubricated before the lifters.


Material: 357-T6 aluminum (strongest available) Deck Height: 9.025" (standard Chevrolet) Deck Thickness: .600" minimum Cam Bearings: Standard Chevrolet small block set Main Bearings: Standard Chevrolet (350 style) Camshaft Location: Stock Lifter Bores: Indexed (stock .843" bore) Bore: 3.990" (hone to 4.000")  Expanded for better cooling Lubrication: Priority main oiling system Oil System Features: Integral boss for front feed, boss for rear scavenge rear main cap has provisions for wet sump pump, drilled for dry sump valley scavenge lines, cross-feed lines between left and right lifter oil galleys Filtration: Integral mount for spin-on filter Oil Pan Rails: Solid (stock width) can be clearanced for strokers Crank Clearance: 4.000" stroke (H-beam steel rods) (sleeves may need notching) Main Caps: Splayed billet steel Mounts: OEM starter and oil filter mounts Block: Side ribs for extra strength & cooling - cross-ribs in valley Motor Mounts: Dual (front and side) Cylinder Head Holes: Blind tapped to prevent leaks Weight: Approximately 100 lbs. with sleeves