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US Shift Quick 4

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$1,339.00 (excluding tax)

Product Description

US Shift Quick 4 Gen2 Stand-Alone Transmission Control System Featuring REVolution Architecture This item supports these popular transmissions: 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E, 4L85E, 4R70W, 4R75E, E4OD, 4R100 The Quick 4 is a powerful, fully-featured, and easy-to-use transmission controller based on REVolution architecture. It enables the use of modern, electronic four-speed transmissions on a wide variety of vehicles that lack the OEM capability, such as classic cars, trucks, or motorhomes. It can also be used to enhance a modern vehicle's performance by taking over control from the OEM computer, allowing the user to directly adjust shift points, firmness, torque convter engangement, and much more. Featuring... Graphical user interface enables easy adjustment to most settings without the need to connect a PC Redisigned PCB from the ground up Simplified setup allows you to install and drive immediately Shift quality improvements result in consistent, excellent, OEM-quality shift feel Compatible with aftermarket torque converters. Gen2: A New Shift in Design Introducing the all-new Gen2 Quick 4 transmission controller from US Shift. When we set out to redesign the Quick lineup, we didn't just want to give it a simple iterative refresh. We went back to the drawing board for a complete overhaul and the resulting new design has improved each controller's functionality, ease of use, power efficiency, diagnostic abilities, and more. Display Closeup of the Gen2 Graphical Display The new feature that stands out the most on the Gen2 is our new OLED user interface display. It lights up bright enough to be seen in daylight and retains excellent contrast. The OLED display also features a wide viewing angle, making it ideal for mounting below or to the side of the driver position without suffering wash-out. It has a much wider temperature range than standard LCD displays, meaning it will continue to function whether you're over-landing in the sweltering heat of Moab or the frigid tundras of Alaska. (Note: Display color could be blue, white, or yellow, depending on current availability. You will be given the option at checkout to specify a preferred color, but we cannot guarantee availability.) User Interface Using the Gen2's new UI is a breeze. The home screen gives you real-time info on things like PRNDL position, currently-commanded gear, speed, configuration table in use, and any fault codes that may appear. To access the main menu, simply turn the knob and it will immediately appear. All of the menus and functions have been carefully crafted to be easily understood and adjusted. Most of the adjustments that can be made using a computer with our Shiftware software can also be done from the built-in user interface. Examples include adjusting shift timing, shift firmness, torque converter clutch engagement, switching calibration tables, and adjusting the speed sensor settings, just to name a few. Diagnostics The Gen2 features comprehensive diagnostic tools. Each individual solenoid output is precisely monitored and error messages are more specific, taking you directly to the problem. And advanced diagnostics data can be accessed directly through the UI's menu instead of having to connect the controller to a PC. These improvements makes installation and troubleshooting easier than ever before. Design The newly redesigned Gen2 controllers feature a new circuit board which is more power efficient and runs cooler thanks to advanced thermal management, improving reliability. Additional protection circuitry prevents controller damage which could be caused by accidental mis-wiring. We've also added a robust, high-temperature-rated EEPROM IC with error correction for storing critical data - such as tunes, settings, and learned data - which has been rated to maintain data integrity for at least 200 years. Firmware is stored in newly-enhanced flash memory with error correction code technology. And, as with our past controllers, constant power is not needed to maintain saved data, meaning power loss doesn't erase your settings and your battery won't be drained during long periods of storage. Further PCB Improvements Include... Elimination of configuration jumpers. Now, functions that previously required a jumper change are changed automatically in software for easy setup. New outputs have been added which can be customized by the end user. Elimination of the external capacitor needed for the speedometer signal output. Improved engine RPM signal input which improves compatibility with different engine RPM signals, such as direct ignition coil connections in HEI, TFI, and breaker point ignition systems. The Gen2 Quick4 retains all of the features that the previous generation included, such as... Advanced algorithms provide the highest level of shift control and synchronization, allowing you to maximize the performance of your combination. The most advanced torque converter clutch control available, with several actions available during shifts. Accushift ™ learning capability for the most accurate WOT shift points possible. Full line pressure control for each individual shift, providing superior shift quality. Adjustable throttle lift delay, overdrive shift delay, and ballistic throttle effect. Burnout mode prevents upshifts while "pedaling" the throttle. Up to 4 pre-loaded shift calibrations able to be selected on the fly. FLEX-SHIFT ™ Shifter re-mapping capability. Metric Support. Transmission slip detection. 100Hz high-resolution data logging of all vital parameters and viewable in a graphic interface. Dedicated 4wd options and features. Compact size gives you the freedom to install in tight areas (4.165 x 2.8 x 1.1 inches)